Electrostatic / powder coating of metals

Electrostatic powder coating provides excellent anti-corrosion protection of metals at an affordable price. Powder coating is environment friendly!

Workpiece dimensions

The maximum dimension of the workpiece that can be powder-coated depends on the dimension of the work space in the chamber furnace and amounts to:

  • width: 1.6 metres
  • height: 2.0 metres
  • length: 3.2 metres

Ecology, cost, durability and safety in powder coating

  • The advantages of powder coating are environmental friendliness, lower material costs, energy balance, good colour film properties, better resistance and durability.
  • One coat of powder colour can achieve a layer thickness of 30 to 120 microns, which is not possible with conventional coating. It is not necessary to apply the primer. Up to 85 percent of the paint adheres to the workpiece, the rest goes back to use, resulting in a yield of 95 percent.
  • This method of coating prevents the inhalation of harmful substances and provides greater fire safety since there is no possibility of explosion.

Powder coating of metals